VCDelta provides simple tools for generating machine-readable VC investment data.

Investors and entrepreneurs both want to share information about investment activity - it helps entrepreneurs find active investors, which benefits both parties.

That said, there's no standardized mechanism for sharing this information, and all sources of data are incomplete - which means tools for fundraising entrepreneurs are both difficult to build and often inaccurate. Databases like Crunchbase are often out of date. The Twitter bot @VCDelta scrapes venture capital websites and publicizes portfolio changes, but the tool is fragile and not all sites can be effectively scraped.

We have a proposal - a standardized 'Investments.js' format for investors, easily readable by machines but easily createable by humans. While the Investments.js format has not been finalized, it's based on 'A Mechanism for VC Deal Transparency' by Jerry Neumann of Neu Venture Capital. These machine-readable Javascript files would be hosted on investors' websites in a standardized location, easily discoverable by bots. Investors would be responsible for updating and hosting their own Investments.js files.

Writing machine-readable Javascript can be trying at times, and a single out-of-place punctuation mark can render the whole file useless. Because of this, we're providing some web-based tools to make Investments.js files a lot easier to create and maintain.